Property Portfolio Review – End Of Financial Year

Tax Time: Should I re-evaluate my investment?


The new Financial Year might be a good time to analyse your financial position and your long term goals. As an investor question your property portfolio to make sure it’s performing at its best. Regardless of how many properties you own you need to treat them all like a business and undertake regular reviews on the investment and tracking the success of the return, profit and loss status. These reviews should be done every six months or on an annual basis at a minimum.


Master Advocates recommends you should ask yourself the following questions:


  • Am I confident that I am making my property assets work for me?
  • Am I taking advantage of all the tax incentives and depreciation benefits that I am legally entitled to?
  • Is the current rental yield being achieved on my property in line with current market value and activity/trends? Is the rental due for a review?
  • Have I got the right insurance policies in place to protect my liability and loss relating to the tenancy and building?
  • Do I have the property title and asset protected in the right legal structure for me and my family?
  • Is my current mortgage arrangement in need of review or refinancing to achieve a more rewarding outcome for me financially? Am I paying the lowest interest rate available to me?
  • Am I on track to reach my retirement needs?
  • Do I have regular preventative maintenance plans and budgets in place to ensure my property is well maintained? Should I renovate to add value and create attraction, demand in the market place for a competitive edge?
  • Why did I purchase this property in the first place? Is the property meeting my initial expectations as an asset relating to continued capital growth, rental yields and expenses, maintenance and outgoings?
  • Are there any financial changes that I need to make it easier for me to achieve my property plan in the coming financial year?


It’s important to ask yourself the above questions to ensure your property is competitive in today’s market place and to meet your financial expectations. Equally it is important to ensure your current agency is capable of assisting you with all aspects of the above situations or be willing to refer you to the relevant professional should it be in your best interests.

Master Advocates tailors our management to best suit your needs as an investor and keep on track with your investment plan. Our key to success is our experience and being customer service driven. We have a business model that is based on looking after the needs of a select number of clients and properties per Buyers Agent and Property Manager to ensure our mission continues to be successful and the strength of the relationships with our clients continues to grow.


To discuss your personal current needs and future goals contact us for a complimentary needs analysis and Portfolio Review. We can also assist in liaising with the related industry professionals that can help maximise your legal, accounting and financing needs.


In addition to our independent Buyers Advocacy, Property Management and Vendors Advocacy services, we offer all of our existing clients the complimentary Portfolio Review service all year round. This service is generally offered on a fee for service basis to new and prospective clients. Though for the month of July and August to assist all investors develop and achieve greater success with their property investment portfolio we will offer the Portfolio Review service to all new and prospective clients.


For further information or to arrange a no obligation consultation, contact Mark or Michelle Errichiello: +61 3 9379 1919; +61 408 988 118;;



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