BOUTIQUE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT:(personalised landlord service)

If you’ve got an investment property, then chances are you will need a property manager to look after it for you.

Our property managers look after your property as well, or better, than you could yourself. We manage all aspects of the tenancy on your behalf and make sure that you are maximising the value of your investment. At Master Advocates we pride ourselves on having one of the best property management departments in the business. To ensure each property is well-managed, and both Residential Rental Provider and Renter receive the best in personalised service, we insist that only our directors look after your investment. Our portfolio is exclusive, our experience is second to none (over 45 years between us) and when it comes to boutique agencies our service and dedication to our clients is unrivalled.
Here are the services provided by us:
  • Detailed consultation and property leasing appraisal inspection
  • Marketing campaign including professional photography, online advertising and inspections with prospective tenants
  • Thorough tenant selection process including income serviceability, history reference checks and access to the National Tenancy Database
  • Preparation and management of all documentation and admin from start of tenancy to end
  • Hand over and possession of property and keys at tenancy commencement 
  • Collection and accounting services, including rental direct debit, trust account, tax statements, monthly rent and EOFY tax statement
  • Collection and processing of property outgoings and any relevant authorised creditor invoices and disbursements
  • Regular property routine inspections
  • Assessment and written reports
  • Rental increase reviews and lease renewals
  • Looking after all repairs, maintenance, improvements and renovations
  • Required routine inspection of electrical, gas, smoke detectors and swimming pool/spa via qualified technicians to ensure your property meets the mandatory minimum standards
  • Regular comprehensive due diligence and informative feedback

How Master Advocates Personalised Landlord service benefits you:

  • Up front consultation to maximise your rental value/listing
  • Your property is up and advertised with photos within 12 business hours of engagement 
  • Rigorous diligence for Renter selection 
  • Automatic monthly direct debit of rent ensures funds are paid consistently 
  • Zero tolerance for rental arrears
  • Experienced in-house trust account management leading to smooth processing of rental funds
  • Professional photography, virtual tours and video, interior designer services and floor plans offered 
  • Complimentary yearly review of property portfolio to maximise rental returns
  • Reliable tradespeople selected ensuring quality property maintenance


A complete list of all the property management resources we have available for you.