Celebrating Chinese New Year and the State of the Real Estate Market Outlook 2015

Master Advocates – Real Estate Services loves nothing more than to be able to add value and benefits to our services for our clients.

To Celebrate Chinese New Year, we are embracing a new advancement in resources. Core Logic RP Data has been a powerful resource which enables Master Advocates to provide our clients from both domestic and international markets with vital supportive data and analytics that are current and informative relating to real estate comparable sales and leasing results, market trends. Ultimately assisting our Advocates to estimate and make more accurate and informed decisions relating to property which we research, inspect and strategically assess to negotiate buying, selling or leasing transactions on behalf of our clients with their best interests in mind. We can also use this information to estimate the potential for key locations that may provide the best options for strong capital growth and/or rental yields.

Now Core Logic RP Data have produced a facility which will provide Chinese Language Property Reports. This will allow some of our foreign buyers and clients access to the information in a format that they can appreciate and understand at a greater level by providing property and suburb information, ultimately allowing them to make decisions in conjunction with results from our due diligence processes, opinios and advice with more confidence.

The latest Core Logic RP Data Chinese Language Reports offer:


  • CMA (current market appraisal)-styled information delivering valuable insights into individual properties and their location
  • Professional translations into Simplified Chinese – the official written language of China and Singapore
  • Easy to use workflow within the RP Data Professional database
  • PDF formats that can be easily emailed to clients
  • Contact Master Advocates to obtain a sample report



In the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Goat. Goats are recognised as being compassionate, helpful, sincere and determined.

Make sure your 2015 is prosperous by adding another channel to your portfolio and investment network of service providers by enlisting Master Advocates – Real Estate Services and the addition of the Chinese Language Reports.

In further property news, Residential property prices could spike by 15% if the Reserve Bank of Australia is forced to cut rates to below 1.25 per cent in response to falling oil prices impacting the US economy, a prominent economist has warned.

Matthew Peter, Queensland Investment Corporation’s chief economist says the plunge in world oil prices has the potential to push the US economy into deflation this year, which would prompt the Federal Reserve to defer a tightening cycle to 2016. “The RBA would have to offset that and cut rates quickly – to 1.25 per cent for a quarter before raising it to 1.5 per cent – but cannot hold them there for very long due to the extreme impact it would have on the housing market,” Peter told The Sydney Morning Herald in a detailed assessment of the impact of the decline in oil prices on the economy.

“It would give a 15 per cent lift to housing prices.”

Supportive information sources: The Real Estate Conversation in association with REIA, REIV and Core Logic RP Data – published February 2015

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In relation to the local Real Estate market in Melbourne, the Residential property market seems to reflect the continued strength and demand from the end of 2014. Vendors and Real Estate Sales Agents are still favouring auction over private sale methods and more new investors are entering the market each week meeting the demands of our growing population in “the world’s most liveable city”.

Saturday 14 February 2015 was a day full of love and also love for real estate. A clearance rate of 74 per cent was recorded this weekend compared to 65 per cent last weekend and 70 per cent this weekend last year. There were 445 auctions reported to the REIV today, with 328 selling and 117 being passed in, 58 of those on a vendor bid. As of December quarter 2014, there are over 59 suburbs with median prices over $1million dollars in Melbourne. Three suburbs – Richmond, Northcote and Strathmore – have joined the million dollar median list for the first time ever. In 2014, auctions accounted for 60 per cent of all sales within these suburbs.

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