As We Approach The End Of The Winter Real Estate Market 2015


As we approach the end of Winter in 2015. The Real Estate property market has continued to experience strong growth compared to recent years. During the months of July and August, despite being in a challenging market to purchase rewarding property. Master Advocates have secured and purchased some fantastic properties for our clients both for investment and to occupy in the Melbourne residential property market. The acquisitions will prove to experience strong capital growth and rental yields. Some of the key suburbs that these purchases have been made in are Armadale, Essendon, Fawkner, Newport, Strathmore, West Footscray and Yarraville. 

For any of our current Landlords/Investors that are considering to purchase another investment property. Master Advocates can offer a comprehensive Buyers Advocacy service at a loyalty rate of 1.5% including GST to assist you in continuing to build a great investment portfolio.

For further information or to arrange a no obligation consultation when seeking to purchase the right type of investment property for the best price, terms and conditions,

contact Mark or Michelle Errichiello:

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‘With over 20 years real estate experience in Melbourne,
Master Advocates strength is our true personal focus to deliver excellence across independent
Buyers Advocacy and Property Management services.’

Weekly Auction & Sales results, Market Overview
22nd August 2015reiv

Clearance Rate Auction Results Last week This week last year
74% 757 813 660

A clearance rate of 74 per cent was recorded this weekend compared to 76 per cent last weekend and 71 per cent this weekend last year. There were 757 auctions reported to the REIV today, with 557 selling and 200 being passed in, 79 of those on a vendor bid. More than 4000 auctions are expected to be held this month – including about 1000 auctions next weekend. This is the first time ever that 4000-plus auctions have been held in August.

Enzo Raimondo

Core Logic RP Data National Housing Market Overviewrebaa

According to extracts from National Core Logic RP Data Report that was presented to me by Tim Lawless (Head of Research RP Data) at the Annual General Meeting for REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia). The risks in the current real estate market were explained in relation to the following points:

The risks

  • Dwelling values are growing at an unsustainable pace in Sydney and, to a lesser extent, in Melbourne.
  • Investors comprise a historically large proportion of housing market demand at a time when affordability is becoming more challenging and yields have compressed.
  • New housing supply has moved to record high levels.
  • Debt levels have reached new record highs (but asset values are substantially higher than debt held).

What’s preventing the bubble from bursting?

  • Highest growth is in the strongest economies
  • Lending standards remain responsible and are tightening
  • Households have generally built up a substantial repayment buffer that provides some protection to default.
  • Absence of a trigger event


We at Master Advocates enjoy consulting regularly with related industry professionals and being able to share information with our clients that may provide benefit and value to them when making property investment decisions. We have shared some information below and recent news from a Melbourne based Mortgage Broker that may be useful for Investors:

You may be hearing in the news recently that banks are moving their interest rates up for investors by as much as 29bps (.29%) which is more than a standard Reserve Bank Increase.

This could potentially have an impact on not only all new purchases, but also loans that are currently in place.

Why is this happening?

  •  Recent moves by APRA are forcing banks to reduce the growth rate of their Investment Lending and the size of Investment Lending portfolio’s compared to Owner Occupied lending
  •    Rather than stopping or tightening credit policy, many of the lenders have opted to increase their Investment Loan interest rates instead

There are also other methods in which the banks can slow down investor lending instead of increasing their rates, such as alterations to allowances for negative gearing and changes to the way other debts are assessed. The fear for investor clients is very real ……

What Can You Do?

  1. Switch to a fixed interest rate.
  2. Switch to another lender who does not have Investment Loan portfolio issues.  This is generally the second tier banks
  3. Talk to me

Make sure the loans that you have are still doing the job they should be…….


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Master Advocates – Helpful Tips for Home Occupants

Regular Preventative Maintenance

This months topic: MOULD GROWTH IN HOMES

This guide is for assistance to the householder in methods of control of condensation and mould growth.
Mould growth on ceilings and walls of homes is basically due to the presence of excessive moisture or humid
atmosphere generated from within the house.

 Isolate or vent clothes dryer to exhaust externally.
 Install and use exhaust fans in wet areas.
 Increase heating generally, or to affected areas.
 Ensure internal wall ventilators are not blocked.
 Open and air the property as much as possible.
 Open blinds and curtains to allow entry of natural sunlight.
 Remove or prune overhanging trees allowing sunlight in.
 Install ceiling insulation.
 Check sub floor ventilation.
 Check for excess sub floor damp.

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Supportive information sources: REIV, Core Logic RP Data, Loan Market and F.G James Pty Ltd in association with Master Advocates – Real Estate Services – published August 2015

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