RACV survey declared a major arterial road of Melbourne’s northwest most dangerous road

RACV survey declared a major arterial road through Melbourne’s northwest voted the city’s most dangerous road!

Our Director of Master Advocates Real Estate Services and Past President of the Essendon North Village Traders Association Mark Errichiello speaks to 7News Melbourne of the continued advocacy work on road safety in the ENV and the RACV major survey. The local traders call for immediate action by State Government and local MP’s in response to more recent major road accidents in the Village resulting in fatalities.

The RACV just confirmed what locals and anyone navigating the Mt Road and Keilor Rd or Leake St intersections know all too well. The Essendon North Village Traders Association, Essendon North Village and Moonee Valley City Council have been Advocating for the VIC State Government, VIC Roads and Department of Transport and Planning to fix the hazardous road and intersections for many years. It’s getting more dangerous as our population rises with more dwellings and cars on the road.
Time for action. Avoid further unnecessary fatalities and permanent injuries as a result of traumatic road accidents at these intersections.
Ben Carroll MP
Danny Pearson MP for Essendon
Evan Mulholland MP
RACV 20th July:
A major arterial road through Melbourne’s northwest has been voted the city’s most dangerous road, according to a major RACV survey. Mount Alexander Rd between Ascot Vale and Essendon was considered the most unsafe stretch, while its intersection with Keilor Rd was rated the worst intersection.
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