GAME PLANS: Master Advocates Additional Property Investment Planning Services – WHAT IS THE GAME PLAN

GAME PLANS: Master Advocates Additional Property Investment Planning Services

This additional service offering may be more beneficial as an extra due diligence tool when purchasing property to occupy and or subsequent investment properties to build your portfolio.

Further to our initial Free Buyers Advocacy Consultation and Schedule of Service offering. Please find some additional information below that relates to the detailed Property Investment Portfolio – Game Plans report. We can provide your personalised Game Plans report for you at a wholesale industry price and further assistance to unpack the live document to be completed and updated per property acquisition all within the one initial price.

This Game Plans report is available to acquire at any point, it is not time sensitive or required before commencing our Independent Buyers Advocacy service, though it is recommended. We can update the live report annually post acquisition with you during an annual portfolio review upon request and it can be shared and contributed to by other professional consultants that you engage at any time during your property portfolio journey such as Accountants, Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners as required.

The service fee for Game Plans is included and rebated as part of our fixed rate Auction and Private Sale Negotiation and Bidding service offering or greater Comprehensive Buyers Advocacy service options (the rebate is offset and processed post purchase upon a successful unconditional purchase and payment of our success fee. The rebate amount is equal to the wholesale rate which we secure Game Plans reports to be prepared and generated).

Property Investment Planning Services: WHAT IS THE GAME PLAN

The Buyers Advocacy service is our core service as per our discussions and free consultation offering to date.

As far as pre purchase forecasting and estimation service, we have partnered with Game Plans as a strategic property planning resource to add value to your lifetime investment property portfolio planning.

Here’s a 5 minute video you can view to provide further insight to what Game Plans can provide and I will be able to follow up and provide a strategic consultation as your independent Buyers Advocate:
What Is The Game Plan – 5 minute video

Just to be clear regarding the strategic Game Plans, this is separate from Financial Planning services. We focus on providing licensed real estate independent advocacy experienced, property knowledge work, property planning, service, advice and estimation. We do not provide financial/investment planning advice or share investment advice.

We act purely as Independent Licensed Real Estate Agents and Buyers & Vendors Advocates to assist with property search and due diligence and estimate appraisals to assist owner occupy and as investment advice and strategic acquisition and ongoing property management and investment portfolio services of both Residential and Commercial property. We are knowledge workers, providing value and benefit based on our decades of boots on the ground experience in real estate and property services, combined with academic qualifications, skills and professional industry networks.

For our strategic plan, we use an online tool to guide us through the session, this ultimately provides you with three high-level expected outcomes:
1. Provide clarity around your current position.
2. Align your goals with the next move and subsequent purchases.
3. Visualize when you may be able to expect to achieve your goals and potentially retire.

Market value for the Game Plans and our follow up consultation as Independent Buyers Agents regarding the plan is generally $1,100 to $2,200 including GST.

For our advocacy clients that utilise the special Master Advocates code, we can provide the plan at a special wholesale industry rate of $770 including GST.

Feel free to sign up to your own account at the URL below, just ensure you use the special code.

URL: Game Plans – New User Sign Up – Master Advocates Form
Game Plans Special Code: masterbuyer

Once signed up, follow the process on the “Guide” page, this will walk you through all the sections required for our session.

Please take your time to fill the information out as accurately as possible, every data point contributes towards your outcome, so take your time to get it right.

Additionally, let me know once complete and I will enable full access to your account.

I can’t wait for our next session and to take a deep dive into how your portfolio grows over time!