Independent Buyers’ agents/advocates take all the stress out of buying your next property to live in or invest.

Find out how an independent buyers’ agents/advocates take care of every aspect of buying, selling or leasing a property to make it a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Take the stress out of buying/selling your property. Make the move to an independent buyers’ agent/advocate.


Welcome to Masterpieces, the Master Advocates monthly newsletter.

This month we’ve homed in on some hot property topics such as how a buyers’ agent can help you navigate the tricky real estate waters in a changing market, March Quarter property wrap and market outlook, tips and tricks for first home buyers and updated news on the Federal and Victorian Homebuyer Fund and shared equity options.

Additional Property Investment Planning Service offering at the end of this news publicaion; WHAT IS THE GAME PLAN

So, before you invest in your next property, invest the time in reading this masterpiece from Master Advocates.

Find out how buyers’ agents/advocates take care of every aspect of buying or selling a property to make it a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Take the stress out of buying/selling your property. Make the move to a buyers’ agent/advocate.

On positive property market news since we last shared our commentary:
With regards to the property market and the announcement of the bank cash interest rate remaining on hold during April.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has revealed its highly anticipated third cash rate decision of the new year.

Australia’s central bank has opted to hold the cash rate at 3.60 per cent during its monthly board meeting on Tuesday April 4 2023.

It follows the release of last month’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which indicated national inflation slowed in the 12 months to February to 6.8 per cent, down on January’s 7.4 per cent figure.
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10-month streak of falls end, as Australian home values up 0.6% in March: CoreLogic Home Value Index
Dwelling values were higher across the four largest capital cities and most of the broad ‘rest-of-state’ regions, led by a 1.4% gain in Sydney. CoreLogic Research Director, Tim Lawless, puts the rise down to a combination of low advertised stock levels, extremely tight rental conditions and additional demand from overseas migration.

After remaining virtually flat in February (-0.1%), CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index (HVI) posted the first month-on-month rise since April 2022, up 0.6% in March. Dwelling values were higher across the four largest capital cities and most of the broad ‘rest-of-state’ regions, led by a 1.4% gain in Sydney.

CoreLogic’s Research Director, Tim Lawless, puts the rise down to a combination of low advertised stock levels, extremely tight rental conditions and additional demand from overseas migration.

“Although interest rates are high and there is an expectation the economy will slow through the year, it’s clear other factors are now placing upwards pressure on home prices,” Mr Lawless said.

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Rather than timing the market as it is difficult to pick the bottom, I pursue a time in the market strategy and always being ready to buy and or sell when the right demand, property, location and opportunity presents itself. Buying and holding the right property is a better strategy for long term wealth creation.
The market results for Australia were just reported for March by CoreLogic and Property Data Online, for the first time in 12 months, there has been positive growth, Sydney over 1% and Melbourne approx 0.6%. This is rare given the rising cash interest rate percentage for 10 consecutive months with Reserve Bank and major banking institutions. But there may be a sustainable balance now, anticipating no more rate rises in the immediate future. All major capital city auction results achieved greater than 70% clearance rate on Saturday 1st April. Melbourne was approx 77%. This is strong and expected on a busy weekend before Easter but still surprisingly high considering other market factors.

As mentioned, the combination of low levels of property listings and interest rate rises coming to a holt, there could be some competition within the next month and property prices rebounding back to the levels being achieved within the last 6 months.
The outlook is strong for rental yield growth during the next few years in alignment with the speed of our migration back to Victoria both domestic and foreign migration. Adding to the stress and hardship of housing affordability and supply issues of the rental market nationally.

Chronic supply shortage causes reacceleration of Australian rental market

Here is another article published Saturday by RealEstateView. Consistent with the same news, this one has a case study on one buyer, relief, which is shared by many and will translate into confidence.

Link to Finder RBA Cash Rate survey included in the article.

Being Easter weekend there were not any auction results to report on Saturday 8th April, but I know first hand, in Victoria and other states would have had similar experiences. Activity at inspections boosted after the RBA hold on cash rate announcement last Tuesday. Inspections and offers were being conducted until late Thursday evening. On Saturday, although many sales agencies closed for the long there were still a lot of agents conducting private inspections, most early morning, but some until late afternoon and despite the cold autumn weather, active and ready Buyers were showing up with intentions to buy. Some inspections had 20 to 30 groups in attendance in the north and west side of Melbourne.


For most of us, buying or selling a house is one of the most stressful ordeals we will go through in our lives. The searching, due diligence, bidding, negotiating, exchanging contracts, dealing with lawyers, and of course, never-ending and absurdly complex forms.
Oh, and not to forget, paying out the single biggest sum of our lives.
Small wonder then that moving house is listed as one of the 5 most anxiety-inducing events, along with death, divorce, major injury and job loss.
And that’s where an independent buyers’ agent/advocate can help. Not with the other four, of course, but certainly with buying or selling your next property.
To put it simply, a buyers’ agent takes care of all the nerve-wracking and arduous jobs that make real estate so stressful.
They hunt for the perfect property (both on and off-market), undertake all due diligence and relevant inspections, bid for you at auctions, negotiate on your behalf, take care of all contract exchanges, deal with all legal documentation, and a thousand and one other tasks that would get your blood pressure soaring to dangerous heights.
The right buyers’ agent can turn buying and selling your property from a baffling ordeal into a fun and rewarding experience. One that can set you up for the future, with a property that appreciates in value.

So, if you’re in the market to buy or sell a property, then talk to your local REIV or REBAA Accredited Independent Buyers Agent/Advocate and let them mastermind your next purchase.


Why a buyers’ agent should be the first choice for first time buyers

A Buyers’ agent/advocate fee may be one of the only real estate fees that save you time and make you money based on knowledge, experience and networks that the Buyers’ agent delivers.
If you’re a first-time home buyer, the real estate market can look like a shark-infested ocean. You don’t know who you can trust, who is giving the right advice, or even how much you should pay.
To further compound the problem, you also don’t have the luxury of being able to get it wrong. A poor investment can set you back both financially and emotionally.
But finding a property that will appreciate in value and set you up for growth, can be a daunting prospect.
Thankfully, help is at hand. In the shape of an independent buyers’ agent.
They can locate the ideal property for you, (both on and off-market,) do all the inspections, negotiate on your behalf or bid for you at auction, handle all contract exchange and legal documentation.
In short, they can eliminate any mistakes and make sure you don’t get taken for a ride.
With a REIV and or REBAA Accredited Independent Buyers Agent/Advocate in your corner, you can “buy with confidence” and know that in this, the most significant financial expense of your life, you are as safe as houses.


Why the Victorian home buyer fund is hot property!

In the midst of so much bad news, it’s great to finally have something good to talk about.
Since October 2021 The Victorian Government started giving 3,000 lucky Victorians the chance to enter their own home.
The initial $500 million Victorian Homebuyer Fund was part of the Government’s new shared equity scheme designed to help make more people into homeowners. By July 2022 their were only a few hundred positions left available to support eligible First Home Buyers. By October 2022 the boost the the fund was pledged by the Victorian Government.

The Andrews Labor Government announced they would be super-sizing the popular Victorian Homebuyer Fund – committing $1.1 billion to triple the size of available support and help thousands more Victorians realise their dream of owning a home.

The new funding will add to the $500 million existing investment in the shared equity scheme that makes home ownership more achievable for many Victorians. So far, the fund has helped more than 2,000 Victorians buy a home with an additional 1,000 applicants approved to start house-hunting knowing they have a secure funding partner.

Albanese Government to help thousands of regional Australians into their first home

How it works:
The Victorian Government contributes up to 25% (up to 35% for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) to the purchase of a home in exchange for an equivalent share in the property. The government receives no interest on this, but shares in any capital gains or losses in the property.
Participants require a minimum deposit of 5% (3.5% for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)
Participants do not have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance, providing them with additional savings.
Participants pay no interest or fees on the State Government’s contribution.
Participants repay the State over time, with payments proportionate to capital gains or losses.
Talk about housing benefits!
So, if you’d like to find out your eligibility for the Victorian Homebuyer Fund, and seek answers to the State Revenue Office Victoria frequently asked questions about the home buyer fund click here.

An important note to consider:
With any stimulus or incentive offering, it is worth exploring and obtaining the right independent legal and financial planning advice. The Home Buyer fund is just one example. Make sure you get a solicitor to check all the terms and risk.
The 25% equity injection from the government helps you secure a larger property and land ratio in a better-established suburb for price stability and growth. Your 75% stake or percentage will therefore have a stronger chance at capital growth rate and usually do better in boom periods long term.
Get your mortgage broker and possibly a financial planner to assess the loan. Check terms of default and period of loan and have them recommend the game plan to pay out the government equity so you can take control and ownership of the full asset.
Government incentives are great, but do your due diligence and be sure it’s the right deal, property and location for you. If a shared equity seems to be your only option to acquire your desired property and location and opportunity to enter the market to buy a property period. Explore all opportunities with your mortgage broker and legal and financial advisers and representatives. There may be established private lending institutions and property funds that can offer alternative shared equity options that you are eligible for with terms and conditions that may better suit your present scenario.
If you can afford to buy and hold in an established metro area as a first preference, then choose properties with good land to asset ratio. Value add and land potential, should always be more important than tax or government incentives.

Property De-Constructed – A Collective Wisdom of all things Property and Real Estate

Video Broadcast Recording

Episode 1:
Building and Pest Inspection Reports Pre Purchase

Here it is! Our first podcast and first episode,
Produced and Hosted by:
Pat Panetta – TYS Media & Mark Errichiello – Master Advocates – Real Estate Services Pty Ltd

Property De-Constructed – A Collective Wisdom of all things Property and Real Estate

About the Podcast:

We’re all connected in life. We all have similar core necessities – food, water, air, shelter, health, love. Real Estate – it doesn’t matter if it’s for personal or business, to rent or buy – we need shelter and community which assists us fulfil our core necessities. Property De-Constructed is a collective wisdom of all things Property and Real Estate. Presented by hosts Pat Panetta of Tell Your Story Media and Mark Errichiello of Master Advocates Real Estate Services. Each episode breaks down aspects of life and business connected to property, shared experiences and your questions are answered by our hosts and special guest associates – all highly experienced service providers in their property related fields of business.
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In our first episode we speak with our guest and experienced Licensed Builder and Building and Pest Inspector Mouhamad Chebib – Victorian Building Inspectionz

Real Estate can be a tricky environment to navigate. Experience and due diligence when purchasing a property is highly important. Be proactive, you have one chance to get it right. If you don’t possess the time, knowledge, skills or experience, then you need to engage the right team of property professional service providers to take on the task due diligence and negotiations for you. This is the best recommendation before you invest your money in what could be the wrong property. Ultimately making mistakes when buying property costs you time, money and stress and sets you back long term. Don’t make it an expensive education that will be difficult to recover from rather than profit from.

Episode 1:
Building and Pest Inspection Reports Pre Purchase
Podcast Page
One of our Director’s and Co-Founder, Mark Errichiello, shares his perspective on the current Property Market March Quarter and outlook in Victoria 2023. Contribution in the Australian Property Investor Magazine in collaboration with Editor Craig Francis.

Additional Property Investment Planning Services; WHAT IS THE GAME PLAN

Further to our Free Buyers Advocacy Consultation and Schedule of Service offering. Please find some additional information below that relates to the detailed Property Investment Portfolio live Game Plans report that we can acquire for you at a wholesale industry price and further assist to unpack the live document to be completed and updated per property acquisition. This is available to acquire at any point, it is not time sensitive or required before commencing our Buyers Advocacy service, though it is recommended. We can update the live report annually post acquisition with you during an annual portfolio review upon.

The service fee for Game Plans can be included and rebated as part of our comprehensive Buyers Advocacy service (rebate is processed post purchase upon success fee payment at an amount equal to the wholesale rate for Game Plans listed below).

Alternatively your individual Game Plans report can be purchased separately as a Property Planning and Due Diligence document on it’s own, shared and updated during your property investment journey with all of your property professional, legal and financial service providers and advisors as you build your portfolio.

Our independent Buyers Advocacy service and Property Management is our core focus. As far as pre purchase forecasting and estimation service, we have partnered with Game Plans as a strategic property planning resource to add value to your lifetime investment property portfolio planning.

Here’s a 5 minute video you can view to provide further insight to what Game Plans can provide and I will be able to follow up and provide a strategic consultation as your independent Buyers Advocate: 

Just to be clear regarding the strategic Game Plans, this is separate from Financial Planning services. We focus on providing licensed real estate independent advocacy experienced, property knowledge work, property planning, service, advice and estimation. We do not provide financial/investment planning advice or share investment advice.

Portfolio Mapping Session

We act purely as Independent Licensed Real Estate Agents and Buyers & Vendors Advocates to assist with property search and due diligence and estimate appraisals to assist owner occupy and as investment advice and strategic acquisition and ongoing property management and investment portfolio services of both Residential and Commercial property.

For our strategic plan, we use an online tool to guide us through the session, this ultimately provides you with three high-level expected outcomes:

1.     Provide clarity around your current position.

2.     Align your goals with the next move and subsequent purchases.

3.     Visualize when you may be able to expect to achieve your goals and potentially retire.

Market value for the Game Plans and our follow up consultation as Independent Buyers Agents regarding the plan is generally $2,000 to $3,000 plus GST.

For our advocacy clients and close friends and family that utilise the special Master Advocates code, we can provide the plan at a special wholesale industry rate of $750 plus GST.

Feel free to sign up to your own account at the URL below, just ensure you use the special code.


Game Plans Special Code: masterbuyer

Once signed up, follow the process on the “Guide” page, this will walk you through all the sections required for our session.

Please take your time to fill the information out as accurately as possible, every data point contributes towards your outcome, so take your time to get it right.

Additionally, let us know once complete and I will enable full access to your account.

We can’t wait for our session and to take a deep dive into how your portfolio grows over time.

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